A rose by any other name…

I’m changing my name! Ok not me, literally but I’m changing the name of the blog. My wee blog, awetismblog, and its name have served me well so far and I really appreciate all of the follows, likes and comments. Thanks everyone. I hope you will all continue to follow me under my new name. The content will be still be the same and the layout, at least for now, will still be similar. I have just been having a think about things lately. About our lives, family, the purpose of the blog and what it means for us and says about us.

When I started blogging it was purely to share my thoughts and experiences of autism. I think as it has progressed, it has become a bit more than this. It’s more a story of our lives and my thoughts/feelings. My purpose has always been for me to try to find the positive in things and learn lessons from what has gone on. Where I am definitely in awe of my son and his personality and progress in spite of his difficulties, I don’t want autism to be what defines him, or us. Yes autism has a big impact on us and what we do, but it’s not what I want our whole lives to be about.

This is not because I have an issue with the label or that I am in some way ashamed of it. Anyone who knows me knows that I am extremely proud of my family and what they all achieve. I regularly highlight issues associated with autism and its effects. I celebrate the good and learn from the not so good. Life is full of ups and downs, it’s hard, but it’s also rewarding and full of moments that make it all worthwhile. Therefore I see myself as a person who prefers to try to look on the bright side, the upside, and that’s why I’ve chosen this as my new name.

Everyone needs a makeover or fresh start once in a while, this is mine. I really hope that you will all stick with me in my next chapter of my blogging life and continue to lend me the wonderful support you have shown so far. It really has helped me to pick myself up after the hard days and feel good about the better ones.

Thank you!

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