Our Story

The condensed version:

Our son J was born in 2010. His arrival was quite dramatic, in that my husband and I were on the Isle of Arran when my waters broke in the evening and around 12 hours later I was airlifted to Glasgow. He was born in the afternoon the following day, after an agonising time of heart rate dips and an emergency c-section. After birth he was quite purple and very sleepy. For over two days we raised our concerns about his condition but were dismissed. Eventually he had what they called a ‘floppy incident’ and was taken to the Special Care Baby Unit, where he spent several days and endured many intrusive tests which gave no result.

Upon leaving hospital he was followed up as an outpatient to monitor his condition and progress. As he grew we noticed that he wasn’t meeting milestones as he should; not sitting up unaided or crawling, etc. when it was time to do so. After many appointments and discussions with a wide variety of specialists, we received a diagnosis of Autism in November 2012. Since that time we have attended a lot of appointments, spoken with many specialists, carried out lots of research/reading and taken part in classes and courses with the aim of supporting our son as best we can. J is currently non-verbal. Though he attempts speech sounds and tries to talk his sounds are not accurate and many words are difficult to understand, especially without any context.

We also now have two other children: Our other boy B who was born in 2012 and our girl W who arrived in 2015. They have never known our family without J or without Autism so many things are ‘normal’ to them, though we still try to ensure they don’t miss out or feel left out of anything as a result of Autism being part of our lives.

The purpose of this blog is to share some of our experiences, resources we have found useful and some of the information we have found out along the way. I hope you find it useful or even that some people might relate to our experiences in some way. It’s sometimes just nice to know you’re not the only person dealing with a situation or feeling a certain way.

The views and thoughts contained in this blog are my own. They do not convey or endorse the views of anyone else or any third party. Any links are added to provide further research or information linked to topics I have chosen to discuss. I have found the links useful but make no claims about validity of their content or usefulness and do not endorse or recommend the associated companies, individuals or sites.

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