Blogging as therapy?

It’s been a while since I posted a blog post. I’ve started many, based on experiences, feelings, thoughts, etc. I’ve never pressed ‘publish’. Lately I’ve been thinking about why. Why when I loved my blog so, have I fallen away from posting on it. Honestly, there are many reasons. I am very busy (who isn’t?) I work full time in a pretty demanding job. I’ve just secured a new (more demanding) job and my children secure a large amount of my time and attention.

However, all or most of these things existed before when I was finding or making time to post, at least semi-regularly, on my blog. So what has changed? Not a lot really.

I would love to be able to write more and share more. Time is difficult, adding in my new additional University course hasn’t helped, but I kind of think it’s not the only reason. I have found my clog to be extremely therapeutic. Writing down our experiences has definitely helped me to process them, to make sense of things, to deal with it and to move forward. To me, at times, blogging is like therapy.

There are things I don’t say out loud. Maybe it would make them more concrete, more real. Writing them here has helped tremendously. Telling people and getting answers and support without having to actually say the words aloud. It had most definitely helped me through some of the more difficult times. This is why I see blogging as a form of therapy. The supportive people and groups is such a great thing. I really wish I could do more of it and properly engage. I am grateful for all of the advice and even just agreement or acknowledgment I have received.

Maybe the reason I have started to blog less is that I have started to accept and come to terms with our life. It has been a long time in getting to this point. I love my J and everything about him. I accept his difficulties and I wholeheartedly support all that he tries so hard to do and to achieve. I know life will be different for us, not what we expected or planned. I think I am ok with that. We are who we are and it’s no one else’s job or business to try to alter or change that. We do our best, achieve what we can and have a lot of fun and love along the way.

Our life is not perfect, but then who’s life is? We have a good time, we are more fortunate than many and we are grateful for that and for what we have. Life is wonderful and it is what you make of it. Whybwallow on the what ifs and think about what could have been? You lose out on what can be and how wonderful life is by not recognising what you have been given and taking full advantage while you can.

I suppose, in a round about way, I mean that I haven’t greatly needed blogging ‘therapy’ for a while. I love that it’s available and I’m sure I’ll be in need sometime all . I highly recommend it, there are so many supportive people who are willing to give of their time and dispense wisdom and advice. I’m happy to say that at the moment I’m happy, fulfilled and excited about our future. However, I know life has ups and downs and I look forward to being back soon with my posts. I now doubt will need that invaluable help and support regularly along the road. Thanks everyone!

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