Fear of germs

Since J was born I seem to have developed a fear of germs. Don’t get me wrong, I liked clean things and places beforehand but I wasn’t quite as obsessed with germs, bugs and sanitising before he came along. I didn’t realise how bad I was until a trip to Liverpool with my husband. We were out for a meal and then heading out to listen to some music. When leaving the loos I noticed that the woman before me hadn’t washed her hands. This meant I would have to touch the door handle she had just touched. I honestly couldn’t bring myself to do it. I just waited until someone else came through the door and held the wooden part of the door open with my elbow to walk through. Luckily I didn’t have to wait long for this to happen. I think even if I had though, I would still have waited. I couldn’t have gone back to the table having touched the door handle without again washing my hands.

It got me thinking. Am I like this all of the time? Am I as bad as that all of the time? It turns out that I am. I’ve been keeping an eye on it since then. I couldn’t count how often I wash my hands each day. On top of that I use hand sanitiser when I don’t have easy access to a sink. There isn’t enough hand moisturiser to compensate for how often I wash or sanitise my hands. I don’t like to touch door handles, press buttons on pedestrian crossings, sit on train seats or handle money. I can’t cope with public toilets and I’m not overly keen on shaking hands with strangers.

Once I noticed what I was doing and thought about how it came about I got back to J’s birth, or rather the period of time after he was born when he was very ill. It all goes back to his time in special care and the fact that I thought he was going to die.

When visiting the special care unit everyone must sanitise their hands. The doctors and nurses wash and sanitise their hands before examining the babies and again afterwards. Everything is clean and sterile. In the circumstances I took comfort in this. I liked that these measures were in place to protect these vulnerable babies. I think I then overdid this to make sure J was as protected as possible from germs and bacteria, long after he was home and out of danger.

I made people who wanted to hold him wash or sanitise their hands. If they had been outside I made them take off their jackets too. I washed him once people left to take away any unnecessary germs, just in case. I didn’t think the people he came into contact with were unclean, I just wasn’t taking any chances. I couldn’t risk him being sick again.

I know children come into contact with many germs and that it actually helps build their immunity. I work with children and I don’t shy away from wiping noses, changing children or cleaning up mess. I just make sure I give my hands an extra thorough wash afterwards.

I am getting a little better with this. I don’t get as worried by my kids dirty faces or hands. I don’t fret that they put toys in the mud or on the ground and then play with them again before sticking their hands in their mouths, or something equally as disgusting. My children are messy and dirty and I don’t stop them from doing things because of my aversion to germs, kids will be kids and they need to explore and have fun. I do sometimes wish I had a decontamination room for them afterwards though!

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