Do you ever feel judged?

I’m usually good at keeping myself in check and not letting people get to me with their judgment but I’m sad to say that today I answered back. On a trip out with the kids, who were actually quite well behaved, I had the displeasure of a horrible woman who mouthed off loudly about how much she hated our of control children whose parents just allowed them to run around and misbehave. I answered her by thanking her for her ill-informed judgement that showed just how little she understood about anything and by saying how much I hated people who ignorantly voiced opinions, as though they had some kind of God-given right to tell others what to do.

To put it in context, we were in a visitors centre for a mill that’s a tourist attraction. We were walking up an internal ramp (which was not in an area full of people) to the cafe area. The kids were walking/running up this ramp and J was giggling. They were not by any means out of control or overly noisy or creating a nuisance. How dare they be excited to be visiting somewhere new and how dare a child laugh in a public place eh? How out of control of them! It reminded me of a previous post about a time where I was a little better at ignoring the judgement.

Upside Mum

Tonight on the way home from picking the kids up from my mums after work, I decided to pop into the pound shop with all three of my cherubs in tow. J had been asking (in his approximations of words) for the ‘pound shop’ since we got in the car. He loves having little toys that he can carry around in his hands when he’s doing other things. It was parents night for the two boys yesterday too and I decided I would let them choose a little toy and a sweet as a reward. I had thought about ignoring his requests but since he had been trying so hard to get me to understand his message I decided to give in.

How bad can it be? I asked myself. We will just be popping in for a few minutes and out again. B can hold W’s hand and I…

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