Feeling helpless with all of the sickness!

My poor boy has been not well again – for the fourth time in three weeks. He was sent home from school around three weeks ago, after being sick whilst on an outdoor learning trip with his class. My mum picked him up and said he was struggling to walk and to keep his eyes open. He was extremely lethargic for the rest of the day and had little energy for several days afterwards. He got over this and went back to school just to be off again a week later, after having been sick all weekend. 

This Monday I had to keep him off as he was sick on Saturday and I didn’t want to send him back too early. He seemed better on the Monday and slept all night too, so I sent him back to school yesterday. Last night he was violently sick again and had terrible diarrhoea. He’s exhausted and has definitely lost weight. He usually has a big appetite and loves to eat but recently he has been off his food. We don’t force him to eat, as it only ever results in him being sick later. We give him plenty of fluid and allow him to rest, give him paracetamol to keep his temperature down and lots of cuddles and TLC. How many six year olds need to go to a bed that has to look like this?

Because he is non-verbal it can be difficult to know how he’s feeling and he can’t tell us if he’s in any pain. I feel pretty helpless watching him being sick and wish I could just stop it from happening to him. It can be hard to know when he’s going to be sick and therefore there is often a lot of cleaning up to do. Last night he managed to cover the bed mats and still get the pillow, sheets, mattress and carpet. 

I took him to the doctor last Monday, something I often see little point in doing. I know kids get sick and you just need to wait it out. I’m worried this time though. It seems persistent and a bit relentless. He doesn’t seem to be getting a break, rolling from one sickness to another. His poor wee body is showing the signs of it and he’s been crying and whining a lot. I can’t imagine how frustrating and upsetting it must be if you can’t tell anyone how you are feeling.

Kids get sick from time to time and in winter it is certainly worse. My other two don’t get unwell as often as J though and when they do it never lasts as long, or hits them quite as hard. I’m not sure why this is the case. I feel really sorry for him too. Surely it’s more than enough to have to cope with not being able to describe things to people or join in a conversation. Surely it’s enough to be overwhelmed by people, places and situations. Surely it’s enough to find it difficult to understand others or to express emotions. Surely it’s enough to be unaware of when and how to use a toilet instead of requiring nappies. Surely it’s enough to have difficulty sleeping. Why on top of all of his and more besides, does he have to be so sick so often?

I have to admit, at times like this, I find it hard to see a positive or a lesson to take from what’s going on. It’s difficult to watch him feel this way and know how to make it better. In spite of it all he tries to smile, he gives cuddles and he tries to get on with it as much as he can. In a way maybe that’s what I’ve to take from this. I’ve to see how resilient and strong he is in spite of al that happens to him. He truly is an amazing person and I couldn’t love him any more or be any more proud of him. Get well soon my boy! 😒😷

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4 thoughts on “Feeling helpless with all of the sickness!

  1. Poor lad πŸ™ Our boy was the same a couple of weeks ago and it’s horrible. Probably is just the winter lurgy but try the doc again if it’s worrying you (which of course it is). Our boy is verbal but mostly scripting so we didn’t get a warning when he was about to redecorate the bedroom either. I have never moved so fast in my life. Hope your son is loads better soon and that you can all enjoy your Christmas.

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    1. Thanks for reading and for your comments. It’s so horrible to watch them be so ill and not be able to express how they are feeling. I’m hoping he gets it out of the way by Christmas and can enjoy it! I know what you mean about the speed you move at 😱


  2. Hugs momma! I hope he feels better soon! My youngest gets sick for weeks at a time when he falls ill. His body just can’t recover as others normally would. It can be so frustrating while the illness lingers on & you know there’s nothing more you can do but provide comfort. Prayers & hugs for you both!

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