Compact for Camping – Bubble Bum Car Booster Seats

I was sent two Bubble Bum inflatable car booster seats for review recently (I received the two products in return for this review but all views are honest and entirely my own). I had hoped to take them on our camping holiday but due to a postage mix-up they didn’t arrive on time. They would actually have made life when camping a good bit easier! The seats even came with two Bubble Bum whoopie cushions, which my boys loved.

Children’s seats are very cumbersome. It’s fine when they are sitting on them but at night, when everything needs to be moved to make room for sleeping, storing them suitably is not so easy. It’s great that the Bubble Bum easily inflates and deflates, making it easy to carry and store. It even come with its own little drawstring bag to carry it in. This would make it easy to take on other types of trip, like a plane journey, meaning you could use it in a hire car at your destination and avoid paying for booster seat hire. I loved the shoulder adjusting strap to keep the seatbelt in the correct position too.

Before agreeing to review I carried out some research into the seats, as my children’s safety is my biggest concern. It wasn’t easy to find official stats but I did find another website where they had tested it and been given the relevant info. The booster has passed both European and US safety tests. It even performed well when not fully inflated, as it has a memory foam insert to even out the air under your child and ensure it’s distributed evenly. (You can find the info in the bottom half of this post: The Car Seat Lady)

I also watched a You Tube video on how the boosters are correctly fitted. I was going to make my own to add here but the video from the makers is great and easy to follow, plus they are the experts in fitting so probably best to follow their lead rather than mine:

Bubble Bum Installation Video

My car is relatively small too. This means that three child seats cannot fit in the back seat and one has to be in the front as I ferry my children around. This makes it impossible for me to offer anyone else a lift. The Bubble Bum meant that I could fit one in between the two other seats and put all three kids in the back seat, enabling me to have my mum or mother in law in the car with me at the same time as the children and making it so much easier to get out and about. On a long term basis I would use the full seats but it’s a great thing to keep in the boot for emergency occasions when lifts are required!

Overall I was really pleased with the Bubble Bum and it’s certainly great for storing away in small spaces easily, meaning it can go under the seat for sleeping time in the camper. This means more space to store all of the other paraphernalia you need to carry to holiday with young children!

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