A tribute to the most selfless woman I know 

Last week my mum celebrated her birthday. I agonised for ages over what to buy her before eventually just asking her what she would like. The reason I find it so hard to get something is partly because I want it to reflect how much I think of her, how much I appreciate everything she does for us and to show her how much she is loved. Is there something you can buy that truly shows all of that?

My mum is amazing. She’s always around, always a shoulder to cry on and a rock to depend upon. I honestly do not know what we would do without her. From when we were little she has always put my siblings and I first, herself last. Now that we have children of our own she does the same for them. My mum and dad look after our kids whilst I work. Without them I would have to give this up, as J wouldn’t cope with a child minder or after school club environment. Instead of relaxing, winding down and enjoying retirement my parents are back to doing what they did when we were young (possibly more, as they help with looking after all 7 of their grandchildren!) They are so great with our kids and I don’t think we will ever be able to fully show how much we appreciate it.

To help with the kids’ routine and mine, my mum picks them up in the morning and they get dressed at her house. This saves them being dressed too early and allows me to get ready and go to work. They are then ferried to their relevant place of learning or looked after by my parents through the day, sometimes until fairly late by the time I pick them up when I finish work.

On top of all of this my mum is my sounding board and my font of knowledge/advice. She listens when I’ve had a hard day or when I’m worried or over-thinking things. She tries to reassure me and help me deal with things sensibly. She offers to keep the kids so that I can have a night out. She goes to meetings in the boys’ schools and at times does their homework with them to save me having to start it when we finally get home. She answers my night time texts to tell me about their day or remind me of things I need for the next day. She is always thinking about us and the kids; often picking up clothes or books or toys because we have mentioned something was needed. At times running out to shops and dropping forgotten items off to me to stop my panic – always without needing to be asked. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bit inconvenient for her, she goes out of her way to make sure we are ok and that we have what we need.

So what do you get to show the most selfless person that you know that’s who they are? To show you know what they do and you really, truly appreciate each and every thing they have done and no doubt will continue to do for you? My mum’s answer when I asked what she wanted: a voucher (she says she would like to get some new clothes for winter!)

So to my mum: the words never really seem enough, but Thank You!

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6 thoughts on “A tribute to the most selfless woman I know 

  1. It is so hard to show some people how much we truly appreciate all they do of us and our family. Thank you never seems like enough yet at the same time it says it all. My parents have been my saviours through so much and I always feel that i can not express to them enough how much it means to me. You mum sounds amazing and she obviously love you and your children so much. This post is just beautiful, wha an amazing woman #mg

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  2. Oh my goodness, this made me cry! Your mum (and your dad!) sounds like an absolute Saint, what they do really is so selfless!! Helping with all 7 grandchildren, and all of the other extras that they do, it’s all just so amazing!! It is really tough to get a gift that sums up how you feel about someone that amazing, but most of the time, I’m sure just having you and their grandchildren in their lives is enough. I thought it was very sweet that she’s asked for a voucher!! Thanks for such a lovely post!!

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