B’s off to school!

My middle man, wee B starts school today. I cannot believe he has reached that age already! It seems like only yesterday we were bringing him home for the first time. Since then we have had lots of firsts: first smile, tooth, hand clap, sit up, steps, words. He has always been so capable. My little sponge, soaking up the world around him and asking twenty million questions about each tiny thing he encounters along the way.

He’s only just over 16 months younger than J and his development has also encouraged and helped J to do certain things too. He mostly enjoys helping his brother and often ‘translates’ what J wants (ie tells us J wants it because it’s really what he wants!) Today marked another major milestone in his little world. In his own words he’s ‘a big school boy now’ 😒 In many ways he’s so grown up and I definitely think he’s ready for school, though in other ways he is still my baby boy who needs reassurance and cuddles from his mum.

As a teacher I have seen many first days at school so I should really be prepared for this, right?

I have held many little hands, spoken many soft and encouraging words and wiped many tears (mostly parents!) Each time I felt empathy for the parents and children involved (or at least I thought I did.) J started school last year and, as I was on maternity leave, I was there to see it. This year, however, I will have my own class full of little people to cajole in the door with a sad wave to their mums after having spent more time with them over the holidays. I won’t be there to see my B do the same. I didn’t think I would find this as hard but I really do. It’s such a big step for him and I know he will be anxious on the inside. He can be such a wee worrier!

I can picture how he will walk into line and away with his teacher. His little face showing how unsure he is, his head slightly bowed and that note of anxiety you can hear in his voice as he shakily says ‘bye’. In some ways I’m sad I won’t be there to reassure him and in other ways I know it’s the best thing. He can be a bit of a mummy’s boy and when I’m there he doesn’t want to leave me. I think it would actually make it harder for him to go in if I was there. Therefore, I have chosen to stay away and instead nip up at home time to see him finish his first big day. (My boss has been good enough to accommodate me doing this too.)

My hopes for him today are:

  • His teacher will be kind and understand his little anxieties and fears.
  • He will make new friends and have the confidence to join in with others.
  • He will learn lots of new things and enjoy his new experiences.
  • He will settle well into his new surroundings and begin to be less worried about going.
  • The dining hall won’t be too overwhelming and scary, that he will cope with this very different experience and still be able to eat some lunch.
  • His older ‘buddy’ will show patience and understanding; helping him to explore his new surroundings and find out where everything is and how it all works.
  • He will find the ability to contribute to class discussions and not just be the little quiet boy in the corner.
  • He will learn to stand up for himself when needed and not let others walk all over him.
  • He will develop a positive relationship with his teacher that will make up for missing us whilst he’s there.

You see teachers have the same fears and hopes for their own children as you do; we understand how you feel when you bring your little one to us for the first time. Don’t worry, we will take good care of them, nurture them, listen to their fears of worries and celebrate all of the things they do well or when they try so hard. They are in good hands and all you need to do is make sure you have plenty of cuddles and encouraging smiles to give when you pick them up, listen to what they have learned and share in their excitement. Then be prepared for them crying again the next day, no matter how good a time they had!

How did everyone else’s little ones settle at school? I think it’s actually more heart-wrenching for the parents, don’t you?

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49 thoughts on “B’s off to school!

  1. Oh my goodness, this post has made me really emotional! I think it is to do with two things. One being just last week I filled out the enrollment forms for primary school next year – this was emotional enough. The last four years have just gone too fast. And two, my little one has been struggling at nursery this summer, tears at drop off and I’ve found the whole thing really hard. He is such a mummy’s boy! So needless to say I am dreading this time next year. Thanks for writing a lovely post and reassuring us that they are in good hands – and nine times out of ten, perfectly happy after we have gone home.

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    1. I was so emotional as his mum but my teacher hat said he would be OK (harder to later to when he’s crying, wrapped round my leg, not wanting to leave the house right enough!) Thanks for reading. Hope your little one settles!

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  2. Oh what a lovely last paragraph. I am so worried about Oscar starting school in Sept. His additional needs and our choice to place him a mainstream school, felt like absolutely the right thing to do earlier in the year, but what if I was wrong? Gaaah! Also I didn’t think I’d feel so sad about him being old enough to start school. But I do. Hope your little man has a wonderful start and thank you from all new school mums for looking after our babies #picknmix

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    1. He has said he doesn’t want to go every morning but he’s fine once he’s in. As a teacher I know the tears and reluctance are normal and not a reflection of how he’s getting on. He is a little anxious thing. I hope your little one settles ok and enjoys it. I’m sure he will be fine. Thanks for reading!

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  3. Aww,that baby pic is just the cutest!My baby girl starts reception in September and I’m so worried even though I know she’ll love it.I think in part it’s because she’s my last child and I know they’re not babies anymore x #kcacols

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  4. This post made me cry, I am way too emotional. When Adam started last year I was so lost. I was so afraid how he would do, he is such a mummy’s boy and so shy. He still is mummy’s boy and very shy, but he is also thriving and achieving so much. He has the cutest best friend and they are like two peas in a pod. But still I enjoy his hugs any chance I can get. Good luck honey xoxoxoxox Big hugs! #mg

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  5. Hope he is getting on well at school and his first day went well. My daughter starts school this year and I am worried about how she will react she is so excited to start though. Xx #twinklytuesday

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  6. Lovely post! I can totally relate to this… the bittersweet feeling of being a mum. My little girl will start pre-school tomorrow and I don’t know yet how the first day will go. Hope your little one settled well in school! #mg


    1. I read this again under #FabFridayPost and enjoyed it just the same. We are a week away from school, and my jitters are starting. Thanks so much for yur reassurance. I hope all went well with your beautiful boys, and your first day too!

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  7. Oh I can only but imagine how it must feel for your little ones to go to school, my eldest still has two years to go and I am dreading that first day. This was a really lovely post though and your feelings came across so well. I hope he gets on well at school and how lovely that his brother will be there too xx #dreamteam

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  8. Aww what a gorgeous post. I hope his start to school has gone well. I don’t have to go through this until next year but it’s even scary to think that I have to apply for his place in a couple of months. It feels too soon! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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  9. Ahh… this is such a beautiful post. I think it is such a big difference when a teacher is also a parent. I don’t know why. It is just one of those parental instinct thing. Your post reminds me so much of when Ethan started his Reception Year last year. It is that nerve wracking feeling even though you know they will be okay – thanks to the teachers who have have such understandings.

    Thank you so much for linking up with us on #FabFridayPost . My apology for taking me so long to comment. xx

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