Our Movie Night – Living Arrows #5

We decided to have a cosy movie night tonight. I had visions of lying on the couch, eating popcorn and watching a nice calm film. The kids would have some snacks and quietly watch, before falling asleep and being carried up to bed. Haha, wishful thinking!

In the end it wasn’t too bad. I enjoyed it and we had a nice night together. B kept saying it was the best night and he loves us all very much! We set up cushions and blankets on the floor and sat to eat out snacks before lying down to enjoy the fourth film we tried! The kids eventually settled for The Flintstones after trying Kung Fu Panda, Alvin & The Chipmunks and The Bee Movie. I persuaded them to stick with this one by talking about the dinosaurs. B was fascinated that it was set ‘in the olden days, a long long time ago!’

Any recommendations for a good kids film on Netflix, that isn’t awful for adults to watch, would be appreciated!

Here’s our evening in pictures:

As you can see, the other two didn’t last as long as B. W went to bed and J ended up on the couch!

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23 thoughts on “Our Movie Night – Living Arrows #5

  1. I need to relax and be brave and do this, I’m always strict with bedtimes as it’s just such full on day, the thought of them staying up late 😳 lol. Looks good tho x

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  2. I love a family movie night, although most of the time the littlest one won’t last til end of film. We have watched a few recently as I’m off work for 2weeks, one of the best ones is “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs” #PointShoot

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    1. Aw I saw that was on there. I love the book and read it to my class all the time. B was having none of it though, so I will just need to watch it myself when he’s in bed! Thanks for reading.


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