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Since I started sharing my own blog more widely recently, I have also had the chance to read many really great blogs. There are so many different types of blogs out there and so many people putting so much effort into what they write. Even just within the field of parent blogs or special needs and disability blogs there are so many different styles. This is one of the things I love about blogs, they are unique and individual. Each one contains new information or fresh perspectives.

In writing this post I found it really hard to narrow down my favourite blog posts/blogs, as I have many. I thought about sticking to one particular theme or finding people I had something in common with. The truth is, it was just too hard. In the end I decided to choose a selection of blog posts I enjoyed and some from bloggers that I think have helped me on my own blogging journey. There are many more too. These blogs have provided inspiration and insight for me. Some of them (though not all) also have relatively few Twitter/Facebook followers (like me) compared with others I love, so I suppose it’s a bit about unsung heroes too.

  • I enjoyed reading Raising My Daughter Far From Family on Mama’s Musings, where Emily discusses how she feels about raising her daughter so far away from where she called home and the support network a family can provide. I feel for her as I know how much we rely on support from family and it’s such a brave thing to do. I find Emily’s writing style down-to-earth and I can relate to the busy working mum thing too.
  • Being a teacher myself, I loved Hurray for the holidays by Catie on Diary of an Imperfect Mum – I especially liked the ‘We are teachers and want to go someplace where we can have fun and not learn anything.’ That is me when I’m on holiday. I begrudge even having to read signs or little plaques that describe things. This is a blog I have been following for a while. I love the layout and the artwork. I like the different types of posts and the way other bloggers are invited to contribute. The quotes section appeals to me too, you know I love a good quote!
  • I think the idea of #MadeUpMilestones is great from RainbowsR2beautiful – Children who have disabilities or additional needs don’t always meet the traditional milestones other children do. For J this was partly what indicated something wasn’t as it should be and helped to lead to his diagnosis. Now we celebrate his many achievements. What might seem like little steps for other children are huge leaps for J and we couldn’t be more proud. I love the name of this blog too. There’s nothing like a rainbow to cheer you up on a rainy/sunny day. My big boy’s end of year school show songs were about rainbows too and he loved the rainbow actions they learned, so when I found this blog it just felt right to read and follow it.
  • It broke my heart to read Rachel’s post about no longer being able to visit the local zoo with her son, somewhere they enjoy going together. The simple addition of a suitable Changing Places facility would make all the difference, not just to Rachel and her son but to many others who are unable to visit as a result too. Rachel writes a blog called Ordinary Hopes and is a tireless campaigner for #ChangingPlaces. She’s even been on TV! I love reading her blog, she’s so passionate. I just wish she had less of a fight on her hands and there was a lot more understanding of the issues faced by people with disabilities and their familes/carers.
  • I also enjoyed The Pre-Schooler Summer Bucket List on Life by Naomi. My B is around the same age and I think he would love to make up one of these. Some of his suggestions might need some gentle persuasion though, he can be a bit OTT at times! I like that Naomi’s son initially just wanted playdates with his various friends but soon got the idea of the task at hand. Naomi writes about a variety of topics on her blog and I like the styling/layout too.

These posts and blogs have helped to focus me. Reading other people’s stories makes me more aware of the benefits of sharing our experiences. It helps other people who are in similar circumstances and I know it certainly helps me to get through things and keep on going.

This list is by no means exhaustive and I have lots of other blogs I love to read too. I didn’t want to make the post too long and thought this wee taster of my picks from what I’ve read this week might give people some interesting reading. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Thanks for reading!

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11 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogs

  1. It is so good to know that more people are understanding what these facilities mean. The support of people who don’t need them themselves is really important if I am going to get businesses to understand and want to improve. Thank you.x

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    1. It is necessary for everyone to understand. This is a facility I would appreciate myself as my oldest is still in nappies due to his condition and he’s getting much too big for baby changing units. I find it astounding that these facilities are so hard to come by!

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  2. Thanks so much for linking up to #inspireflourish! Lovely to have you and I hope you didn’t find it too confusing? Would love to have you back again on Friday xx

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  3. How lovely to do a wrap up of your favourite blogs. You’re right there are so many amazing ones out there. Lovely for the bloggers who received a shout out! I love doing that too. It all about supporting eachother especially as there’s room for everyone.
    Xx #brillblogposts X Sunita

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