Why we should embrace and enjoy lazy days now and again

I’m sure most parents, like me, try to plan lots of activities, trips and outings to keep your children busy and happy at the weekends and during the school holidays. We want them to have fun, to experience what life has to offer and to make lasting happy memories. That’s why we feel guilty if we have a day where we just don’t have the energy or just don’t feel like it. I think we should learn to embrace these days, for many reasons.

I think it’s important to have downtime and to show children that life isn’t always jam-packed. That we can’t always go out for day trips; that constant visits to activity centres, soft play areas, theme parks, beaches, castles, etc. are not necessary to be happy and enjoy life. We shouldn’t show them a total reliance on external influences for having fun or making memories.

Yes these things are good and they are lots of fun. However, it’s important for them to find and experience the little things, the basic things in life that can bring us joy and help to shape who we are. They also need to know that money is not endless and these things can be expensive, that not everyone they know or meet can afford to have these experiences and they are lucky that they can.

This is why I love the odd lazy day. A day where we all clamber into my bed when they get up and play tickles or just cuddle. Where we stay in our pjs til almost lunchtime. Where (if it’s not raining) they go straight into the garden to play and eat breakfast outside. Where we watch tv, curl up on the sofa, play chases round the room, play hide & seek, build dens, play dress-up, drink imaginary tea and generally just play. Children love to play, no matter whether it’s with big expensive toys or purely the tools & wonders of their own imaginations. They love it even more when we do this with them. When we abandon the housework, leave the washing and dishes, put off the computer or put down our phones. These things help them to build wonderful memories too.

A child won’t remember or notice how much that trip to Legoland cost, how much you had to pack and the days of washing that you had a result. Just like they won’t remember or notice that extra bit of laundry in the basket, the unstacked dishwasher or the pile of ironing that hasn’t  yet been done. What they will remember is that mum or dad ate the pretend cakes they baked and drank their imaginary tea; mum climbed into the den and read the story by torchlight, making all of the funny faces and sounds; dad crawled round the floor making animal noises or hooting like a train! These things make memories too, happy ones; memories where mum isn’t harassed at packing the essentials and more; dad isn’t checking the roof box,  tyre pressures and window cleaning fluid. (Terrible gender-stereotyped roles but you get the drift!)

Sometimes it’s fun just to snuggle on the couch, watch a film on Netflix (gone are the days of hunting for DVDs) and eat some popcorn in the middle of the morning. Sometimes it’s nice to lie under a sheet draped over the furniture as a makeshift den and pretend you’re hiding from aliens or monsters. Sometimes it’s great just to put cushions on the floor, play Chinese whispers or be tickle monsters. These things help us be kids again and there’s no one a kid likes better than a big crazy kid-parent. Rediscover your sense of fun and adventure. Be a child for the day and, most importantly, just let them be young, crazy, carefree and childish. They don’t stay that way for long.

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64 thoughts on “Why we should embrace and enjoy lazy days now and again

  1. I make a point of factoring in lazy days throughout the holidays. I think it’s really important for the kids to be able to use their own initiative and think for themselves otherwise we just become full-time entertainers! I also have a list of things they need to do before they get screen time, nothing too difficult just ‘play outside, read, do craft, ask for a job, make bed etc’. I totally agree that some of the best days and memories are just time spent together having fun and playing. Lovely article and good to discover you today via #PicknMix

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  2. I totally needed to read this today. I always feel so under pressure to constantly provide things to entertain the kids and take them out every day but I love the stay at home days…and I definitely need to embrace them more. You’re totally right, they do need to learn that life isnt always go go go and bouncing from one super fun thing to the next. I just worry I’ve left it too late as my eldest wakes up every morning demanding to know “what are we going to do today?!” #KCACOLS

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  3. My family definitely lives for lazy days. Honestly anytime we have a weekend without places we have to go we try to have one. With out weeks so busy with work, dinner, and bedtime we really enjoy quality time at home once the weekend comes. I think some of the best memories are made during those times. Thanks for sharing! #PicknMix

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  4. I love lazy days too. I find we have to alternate between lazy days and days out, even if the summer hols when we are all off together, otherwise Biggest can get quite stressed out. A nice comfortable day at home is good for the soul, in moderation πŸ™‚ Thanks for linking up with #KCACOLS. We hope you come back next Sunday!

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  5. Today is my lazy day and we haven’t even got out of our pjs, other than to nip to the corner shop. We are usually non stop in the week doing lots of activities and what not, so today we have literally done nothing. Spent an hour in bed watching a movie which was lovely. My little one is only 19 months so she is still very young and on the go constantly but even she needs a chill day every so often. And your 100% right that children need that balance and to know that we can’t do days out every single day #kcacols

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  6. I totally agree with this although I do find it hard not doing anything with my boys especially when I work. I want them to have fun on my days off etc but you are right. Sometimes it is not just about going out on days out and money is certainly not endless. I had last week off with them and we had a lazy morning each day and would head out mid morning for an activity. I loved the past week and am dreading being back at work tomorrow! #KCACOLS

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  7. I totally agree, it’s the lazy day activities that strengthen the connections between you. On days out the focus is always external on what you are seeing, experiencing etc. At home, playing together, cuddling in the front of the tv, it’s all about each other and simply ‘being’ together. Great post. #PicknMix

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  8. Kids need to also experience boredom. I love this post, because as you say, kids don’t care if you spend Β£2 on them or Β£20 at that age. Enjoy it while they are young, because they start getting a lot more demanding of material things as they hit the tweens! Your photos are great. Enjoyed reading this. Alison x #mg

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  9. We like lazy days! Some of my oldest daughter’s most imaginative games came out of lazy days at home. They can be so relaxing and creative, and how many of us can manage or afford to go on days out all the time? Great post – thank you. #KCACOLS

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  10. I love this post! The importance of lazy days can get lost in our overscheduled world. My kids and I love our lazy days when we watch a funny movie and just chill. Like you say, my children remember our movie days…when we would make a special trip to the DVD store back then, as we bickered about what to choose, then buying our snacks and then just having a day at home, just us. The best times. Thanks for reminding me to chersih this simpler but wonderful time. #bigpinklink

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  11. You’re so right about this. I’m definitely guilty of over planning everything. I’m trying to rely less on all of the extras but it’s a challenge for sure. #kcacols

    Nicole | The Professional Mom Project

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  12. I completely agree with you here, and that we should definitely teach our kids that we spend days at home, but also learn ourselves that we can spend a day at home with our children. The reason I say that is, when my little one was a tiny baby, I was afraid to be at home with her for the entire day, as often being out meant she would sleep and the day would go quicker. Now we are happy being at home for the whole day, but I wish we had started it sooner. As your post says there are so many things we can do at home from reading, watching TV, playing with toys etc, you don’t need to go outo to have fun. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

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  13. A great post – completely true! There is so much ‘parent pressure’ to always give your kids things to do (I even feel it with an 18 month old!!!). But I remember the endless summer holidays when I was little and it was just my sister and I in the garden playing imaginary games. Sure I remember going to town with Mum or on the occasional day trip but I don’t remember feeling like I wasn’t given enough.

    I love a lazy day like you. Sitting on the sofa with a cuppa whilst my daughter plays with everything but her toys and watches ‘Frozen’ – one of my favourite pastimes! I previously wrote a post about ‘Slow Parenting’ which I think follows a similar theme to this – excuse the shameless self-plug but just incase you are interesting… http://www.lifemotherhoodandeverything.com/wpblog/parenting/taking-the-time-for-some-slow-parenting/

    I’m definitely going to have a lazy day this weekend!


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  14. couldn’t agree more, our days home are bliss, we all love PJ days in this house, cuddles, and playing games. Even my eldest who is 12 loves just being home with the family, I know she will be a teen soon and she will want less family time and more friend time, but right now it is such a lovely balance. Beautiful post! Thank you for linking it up with me #mg

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  15. So true! Since I left university and started working full time I always felt like I had to use my weekends to “do something”, use my free time to get out and be busy. Now Piglet is here we’re having more days at home and I feel so much better for it.

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  16. We’ve had a few lazy days like this recently. The boys are so used to me doing things with them they always ask, what are we doing today. So I stopped doing it so much as they were always expecting to go somewhere, even just the local park. Thanks for linking to #picknmix

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  17. What a beautiful post. I’m so with you! I’ve seen other parents plan weekends in advance for months! I didn’t want to be like them. Luckily Mr H has always set a free day rule at the weekend. We have at least one day where we don’t make plans in advance. We just decide on the day. Also it’s about enjoying time at home with the kids. As we work during the weeke I love seeing them play in the lounge with their toys. The recent hot weather was a godsend as we just hung out in the garden all weekend. Day trips are cool but they don’t have to happen all of the time. You’re right. Kids don’t appreciate the difference between a day out and a day in. Thanks for an inspiring post #brillblogposts X Sunita. Enjoy Lucky Things like your time together hanging out with pretend cakes. X

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  18. I love this post! We always try and fill our weekends with fun things because we work all week but sometimes it’s not possible or necessary! The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a bore at home as we’ve needed to get some things moved round and built in time for baby so today we did treat him to a day at the seaside which he just loved. But equally, he loved it when I ate the cakes he ‘baked’ me last night! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

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  19. This is so important to remember and share with others – Thank you for that! The lazy day sometimes help us all recoup and have funin new ways. I am goingto share this withthe Mrs. so she can stop feeling guilty about it. Two weekends ago, we all stayed in pj’s until 4 pm! I loved it! πŸ™‚ #bigpinklink

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  20. Oh I am totally guilty of trying to get some kind of out of the house activity in everyday. Sometimes I wonder if it’s my sanity as much as theirs. Mine are only 2 and 1 so playing around the house isn’t quite their thing yet, well not the one year old anyway. That being said the last week or two I have really slowed down and not felt guilty about having a home day as I call it. Where we do entertain ourselves in the house or garden and I don’t stress about where I can take them and what we can do. I think it did all of us some good to have a more laid back day once in a while. Thanks so much for sharing at #familyfun. Hope you can come back next week xx

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