Bath time 

It’s bath time in our house and J is flapping around the bathroom happily, splashing in and out of the water as he waits for the bath to fill. He then decides he needs his ‘yarks’ or sharks to you and I. I would send him to get them but he has no nappy on and I don’t fancy cleaning up the trail of pee that might be left in his wake!

Having searched the house from to to bottom for said ‘yarks’ I could not find them anywhere. I looked in every room. I tried asking J where they are but he just kept saying ‘yarks’. I asked B but he had no idea. ‘Think like J’ I tell myself and guess what- I found them 👏 (there doesn’t appear to be a hooray emoticon!) Guess where they were??!! Go on. That’s right, they were inside the ‘garbage truck’ as J calls it! Of course they were! 🙄

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