Bring me fun, Bring me sunshine, bring me…

…the box of plasters and several changes of clothes 😫

I shouldn’t complain. The weather this week and especially this weekend has been amazing. Summer is here (and since this is Scotland, once this is over summer will most likely be gone for good this year!)

In our house this means one thing –

lots of fun in the back garden for our boys (and now it would seem our girl too.) Out come the gazebo, garden chairs, table, parasol, bouncy castle, sand pit and (most importantly) the paddling pool. Meals are consumed in the open air and visits inside the house are made only for drinks, snacks, more toys and changes of clothes/nappies or toilet visits.

J has an obsession with water and as soon as the hose goes on or the paddling pool has water in it, he is in his element. He splashes, swirls, whirls and pours water endlessly and would literally do this all day if we let him.

His latest trick is to pop a handful of sand into the water and swirl it too. However, the result of this is wearing away the skin on the backs of his fingers, which then bleed relentlessly. It’s very difficult to get it to stop, especially as he wriggles and pushes and kicks us away as we try to hold cloths etc on his hands to stop the bleeding. He’s not very keen on having them cleaned or dressed and is keen to remove his plasters as soon as my back is turned. I’ve tried to distract him from this venture by getting him to name the colours of his plasters and count them. This has helped to settle him a little and can mean the plasters last a little longer and help to stop the cuts re-opening straight away. I wish he could understand why he needs them and begin to see that it’s the sand he puts in the water that’s causing him such distress and pain. I suppose that’s one of the difficulties we have in relation to his autism. His little obsessions, which he gets so much enjoyment or feedback from, can be the very things that cause him such distress and pain. If only he could understand that and try to control some of his whims. So far we haven’t found a successful way of helping him to do this. Any suggestions or ideas are welcome πŸ™πŸ»

Although it can be constant and we require to change nappies and clothes regularly throughout each day, as well as the first aid administration, the kids really enjoy it. Seeing how happy they are and how much they enjoy it helps make it worthwhile. Even if it does mean the washing basket is constantly full and the machine spinning regularly 😩 It’s great for them to get outdoors, where they love to be, play and have fun whilst running off some of their vast energy supplies. They mainly sleep better after a day out in the fresh air and in B’s words ‘This has been a great day, I love it!’

Happy summer!! β˜€οΈπŸ˜ŽπŸšΏ

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