Out of the comfort zone

We were back in Bute for Easter weekend and it reminded me of this post. A slightly different experience this time. J was still sick (though he’s congested so could be due to mucous), the weather was a bit wetter (though we went out anyway) and the boys are both a bit older. J coped better with staying over night. I had mentioned it throughout the day before we set off, telling him where we were going and that we were staying. Although his understanding is limited, he seemed to make the connection once we got here and was ok to stay. We brought some lights and toys from home with us, which I think helped a little. Him being older and having experienced it before probably helped too. Hopefully progress! The kids enjoyed their weekend and had lots of fun. Happy Easter!

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Upside Mum

As you will know by now we love going outdoors. One place we like to visit is the Isle of Bute and we took a wee trip there recently. J loved the boat trip and had us exhausted from running around after him, while he explored the boat, to make sure he didn’t go over board!

Once we arrived he was happy to go to our accommodation and enjoyed the view of the boats coming and going from the window. We then spent the day exploring the beach and going for a walk along the sea front, splashing in the water and visiting one of the island’s swing parks. J was then happy to return to our flat for a bite to eat and a wee rest.


The problems started when we tried to get him ready for bed. This must have been when he realised we weren’t going home…

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