Easter Bonnet Parade

J’s school had an Easter Bonnet parade today. He had little interest in making one but he did choose some of the decorations which ended up on the hat. After painstakingly sewing on some hanging bunnies, sticking foam rabbits and eggs on and attaching a big carrot and some chocolate eggs I had made something resembling a passable bonnet. B’s was made the night before and he loved trying his on and showing it off. J however would not keep his on his head. He doesn’t really like hats or having his hood up (it’s a sensory issue!) I just hoped he would at least put it on in school. Either way the effort had been made.


He took the bonnet off to school in a bag this morning and I had to just hope he would take part. As you can see from B’s modelling in the photo it had little chocolate eggs glued around the rim. J obviously spotted this too and when he returned from school the hat looked slightly different than it did when he set off!


I hope he (or whoever ate them) enjoyed the eggs. Happy Easter!

Sensory issues information:

Sensory Issues – NAS

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