Happy Birthday J


We celebrated J’s 5th birthday this week. He was really excited and the sheer joy was written all over his face. That’s one of the many things I love about him. When he’s happy you can see it and he loves to share his happiness with us.

As soon as he got up we were marched downstairs to tear open his presents. The clothes were quickly discarded in favour of the new trains and batteries were requested immediately. Once the carriages were attached the trains were dispatched off on their continuous circular route, with J happily flapping around them and making noises of delight.

He enjoyed joining in with us as we sang Happy birthday and making us cheer ‘hip hip hooray’ as he raised his hands in the air. Later in the day he had a wee party with family and had fantastic fun repeatedly trying to blow out candles and getting us to light them again. There were no meltdowns or tantrums and he had an enjoyable day. This is progress as events like this can prove too much for J and the overload of excitement can send him into a frenzy.

Now that he’s a year older I can’t help but reflect on the past year. He’s achieved so much in that time. He has learned a bit more about how to communicate and get his message across, started to listen to and follow some of the instructions we give him, graduated from nursery, begun to play interactively with his brother, started primary school and is now getting to grips with the arrival of a new little person in his life. I look forward to seeing what this next year will bring and I’m ever-hopeful that we will continue to see him blossom and progress.

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