A Mother’s Love

What would I do without my mum? This is a question I don’t want to have to find out the answer to for a very, very, very long time. Not least because she gave me life, provided a safe and happy childhood for me and my siblings, worked hard to provide for us and give us everything we needed; as well as supporting us through school and university, listening to our woes, wiping tears and helping to turn bad times into something good. My mum has always been a strong woman who would do anything for her family, often at the expense of herself. She’s a great example of what a mum should be; selfless, kind, loving, as well as firm (when we need her to be), fair and always available in times of need.

I realise her sacrifices and worries even more now that I’m a mum. Yet she’s still doing it. My three siblings and I are all fully grown adults, yet she’s still on hand to help us out whenever we need her to. On top of all of that she is now Gran to six lovely but demanding grandchildren, two of whom are mine. As well as loving and worrying about her own children, she loves and worries about our offspring too. She’s always on hand for advice, as a sounding board, for childcare/babysitting duties and somehow she still manages to find the time to do the odd word puzzle in the newspaper.

For me my mum is more than just a Mum/Gran. She is the reason my husband and I can both still hold down full time jobs to provide the life we have, she comes with me to appointments or accompanies J when I’m not able to, she attends classes and meetings with me to support J’s development and she gives my husband and I a much-needed break from time to time.

Some people worry that they are turning into their mother. If I turn out to be half the Mum/Gran she is I think I’m doing ok. Thanks mum!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful mums out there.


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